• The aluminum frame, which minimizes light projection at the edge of the sign, comes with a backside mounting plate to cover the J-box for a clean looking installation. In addition to white, black, and silver, the sign can be specified in anodized, plated, woodgrain, and custom RAL-matched finishes—flexibility that permits better visual integration into the interior environment.
  • Designed with architects, engineers, and lighting designers in mind
  • Accompanying wall mount comes with all the hardware needed to create an elegant floating effect
  • All-aluminum extruded housing with high-grade acrylic face
  • Removable front cover for easy installation
  • Optional 6” or 8” lettering in red or green
  • Field-removable arrows, allowing the same sign to indicate right, left, or dual directionality
  • Dual Voltage 120v/277v AC with long-life LED illumination
  • Easily accessible test switch and charge rate indicator
  • UL 924, NEC, OSHA, and NYC approved
  • Listed for damp locations
  • Developed in collaboration with Gensler serving as product design consultant
  • North America/Europe US Patent No. 10,867,534
  • Choice of standard acrylic lens or premium laser cut acrylic lens which provides a more even, sharper illumination.
  • Made to order in the USA

Construction & Mounting

Housing is constructed of all extruded aluminum. The front cover is removable for easy installation.
To mount in sheetrock, we add a perforated plaster flange to attach to the J-Box for a clean installation. In other material walls, we suggest conduit.
Buy America Build America, Buy American Act, Made in USA, Picaso Lighting qualifies for all. Items purchased for use in a covered infrastructure project must meet the following requirements: Iron and steel: All manufacturing processes, from the initial melting stage through the application of coatings, occurred in the U.S. Manufactured products: All products are manufactured in the U.S., and the cost of its components that are mined, produced, or manufactured in the U.S. is greater than 75 percent (we meet 2029 requirements) of the total cost of all components. Construction materials: All manufacturing processes occurred in the U.S. If you have a BABA purchase order, please check the BABA box under options so we can purchase a qualifying LED Driver. UL Approved IBEW Union Made in USA. UL Approved IBEW Union Made
The "Frame Out" wall incorporates a strip of long-lasting LEDs at the bottom of the housing to illuminate the sign evenly. LEDs are red or green to enhance the red or green exit sign and direction arrows.
Standard powder-coated colors are white, black and silver. Custom processed wood finishes, aluminum anodized finishes, chrome/gold plating, and custom finishes are available as well. We also accept RAL and Pantone numbers for powder-coating color choices.

LED Performance

LED Output CCT Color Temp Watts Lumens Lumens per Watt CCT Multiplier
Soft Red 3.72 TW 120v NA NA NA
Soft Red 3.87 TW 277VAC NA NA NA
Soft Green 3.72 TW 120v NA NA NA
Soft Green 3.87 TW 277VAC NA NA NA
  • The table above is a quick reference.
  • Our light engines are precisely designed for optimal operation of LED assemblies.
  • Relamp LEDs with only xxx-xxx lamp assembly.
  • We design our own printed circuit boards to ensure high luminescence efficiency, low thermal resistance and long-term reliable operation.
  • Light engines are easily replaced.

Electrical / Driver

  • Drivers - Our drivers are specifically selected based on fixture applications to ensure ultimate reliability and long life. We use only UL recognized brands of LED drivers. Our LED drivers feature HPF (high power factor), universal voltage 110 - 277 VAC.
  • UL 924 approved under emergency lighting and power equipment.
  • EMR is a minimum of 90 minutes operation to meet code.
  • Replace the battery with MYD battery PN AAA300, rated 300mah,4.8v.
  • Our LED drivers feature HPF (high power factor), universal voltage 110 - 277 VAC.
  • The emergency battery is a recyclable Ni-Cad battery at 4.8V @ 300ma.
  • Test switch and charge indicator.
  • Suitable for damp location. Use in 10 celsius (min) to 40 celsius (max) ambient tempature.

Build Your Spec Sheet

Certifications & Warranties

  • Limited five-year (50,000 hours) warranty on all products. Limited ten-year (100,000 hours) warranty on all Lutron drivers.
  • DLC listed products will have DLC Logo.
  • Chicago Plenum products are available upon request.
  • Warranty does not cover damage caused by transport, damage caused by using the fixture in an area it is not UL rated for, damage caused by negligence, lack of maintenance, attempts to repair by unqualified or unauthorized personnel, by using non-original accessories/parts, fixtures installed in systems without power surge protection.
  • UL and CUL listed for dry and damp locations.
  • IBEW USA Union All fixtures are IBEW manufactured and assembled in the USA.
  • We manufacture based on approved spec sheets and submittals signed by professionals responsible. Change orders must be in writing and will delay delivery.
  • Picasso Lighting must receive in writing any thought to be defective products discovered, no later than 4 weeks from delivery to; [email protected]. Picasso Lighting will send a field technician to the site to evaluate the said defective product. We do accept field repair from licensed electrical contractors but not without a written agreement signed by Picasso Lighting official. Failure to adhere to all warranty and certifications will void any recompense and the warranty.



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