• Unobtrusive, evenly illuminated cove lighting is hung on wall with mounting brackets and covered with drywall creating a cove
  • Provided in one piece lengths up to 12 feet
  • Corners are available in any angle
  • Field adjustable light distribution with a thumb screw for even illumination

Construction & Mounting

Knife-edge extruded aluminum in whole foot increments up to 12 ft. in one piece. Internal components are die-formed aluminum. Corners are mitered. Continuous wall-mounting bracket with feed access simplifies fixture installation. A mounting rail is installed along the desired wall and housing is then hung on rail, easy installation. Linear fixture is hung and covered in sheetrock creating a cove.
Integral powder-coated LED housing with excessive reflectivity for increased lumen output
Standard powder-coated colors are white. Troffer style fixtures are not limited to white, consult factory for special applications.
Clear acrylic diffuser is used to protect LED linear strip.
Continuous wall-mounting bracket with feed access simplifies fixture installation. Units may be continuously rowed. Quick-connect hardware provided. Splining hardware provided at fixture joints. Linear fixture is then covered in sheetrock creating a cove.

LED Performance

LED Output CCT Color Temp Watts Lumens Lumens per Watt CCT Multiplier
Low (indirect) 3000 3.0 WPF 350 LPF 118 LPW 2700=.95
Medium (indirect) 3000 4.3 WPF 500 LPF 117 LPW 3000 = 1
High (indirect) 3000 6.55 WPF 750 LPF 116 LPW 3500 = 1.01
Very High (indirect) 3000 8.8 WPF 1000 LPF 115 LPW 4000 = 1.03
  • The table above is a quick reference. When calculating loads make sure you add direct and indirect LPW to get total wattage. Please refer to photometric report for detailed information.
  • Our light engines are precisely designed for optimal operation of LED assemblies.
  • Our standard LED's CCT (correlated color temperature) range is 2700K to 4000K. Other CCT values are available upon request.
  • We log LED bin codes for each project we supply to ensure color consistency and keep a record of those projects for future reference.
  • CRI offered is 80+, and 90+ Note: on 90+ CRI use .85 multiplier
  • Tunable white, warm dim and other special LED colors available.
  • We design our own printed circuit boards to ensure high luminescence efficiency, low thermal resistance and long-term reliable operation.
  • Light engines are easily replaced.
  • We use only recognized brand LED's with 3 SDCM (standard deviation color matching) with high color consistency. 2 SDCM available upon request.
  • LRP - “LED Reel Program” – LED’s for printed circuit boards come on reels’ like old 8mm projectors and they're sold in lots just like fabric. At Picasso Lighting, we have a program where we make sure all of your reels come from the same lot for each project. This ensures excellent color consistency in large open spaces.
  • LED life is rated at 50,000 hours
  • Custom Lumens Available

Electrical / Driver

  • Our drivers are specifically selected based on fixture application to ensure ultimate reliability and long life. We use only UL recognized brands of LED drivers.
  • If required, we can supply premium drivers such as Lutron, Eldoled and others upon request. Advanced control systems compliant drivers such as POE,DALI, DMX, etc. are also available.
  • Rated life (90% survivorship) of 50,000 hours at 50º C max. ambient (and 70º C max. case) temperature. At maximum driver load: Efficiency >84%, PF>0.9, THD<20%.
  • Our LED drivers feature HPF (high power factor), universal voltage 110 - 277 VAC and include 0-10V dimming.
  • Emergency drivers are factory installed, long life, high temperature, recyclable Ni-Cad battery pack with test switch and charge indicator. EMR is minimum of 90 minutes operation to meet code.

Build Your Spec Sheet

Certifications & Warranties

  • Limited five-year (50,000 hours) warranty on all products.
  • I.C. rated fixtures are available upon request.
  • All fixtures are IBEW manufactured and assembled.
  • UL and CUL listed for dry and damp locations.
  • Chicago Plenum products are available upon request.
  • Made in the U.S.A.



Catalog Number LED IES File PDF Report
Gaitri 350 Lumens Indirect 80+ CRI 3000K DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
Gaitri 500Lumens Indirect 80+ CRI 3000K DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
Gaitri 750 Lumens Indirect 80+ CRI 3000K DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
Gaitri 1000 Lumens Indirect 80+ CRI 3000K DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD


Gaitri Knife-Edge Standard Spec Sheet DOWNLOAD
Gaitri Knife-Edge Custom Spec Sheet BUILD