• Sound absorbing panels ranging between .90 ,NRC based on room size and location. 100% Polyester
  • In accordance with ASTM-E84, our panels achieve a class A fire rating.
  • Available in various sizes,... considered a custom product.
  • Various patterns available - consult factory
  • Wood finishes are applied on one side only.
  • Various colors, see chart below
  • The WAT Non-electrified pendant is made to complement the Echo lighted fixture!

Construction & Mounting

Sides are 1/2” x 6 to 16 inches thick. Acoustic sound reduction linear panels and are supplied in nominal lengths of 4 ft. 8 ft.. Side panels do not need to be removed during installation or for maintenance. Fixtures may be continuously rowed (contact factory for details). Internal components are constructed from min. 20 gauge die-formed steel. Custom sizes are available.
There is no reflector in this fixture.
Please use color chart below to select your acoustic sound reducing panels.
There are no optics in this fixture.
Cable mounting with various size canopies and power feeds. If not selected in options, canopy color and cord will be white. Cable uses gripper style locking for field adjustments. Canopy mounts to standard J-box. Can also be stem mounted. See options for more information.

LED Performance

LED Output CCT Color Temp Watts Lumens Lumens per Watt CCT Multiplier
This Fixture is not electrified NA NA NA NA NA

Electrical / Driver

Build Your Spec Sheet

Certifications & Warranties

  • Limited ten-year warranty.
  • All fixtures are IBEW manufactured and assembled in the USA.
  • Warranty does not cover damage caused by transport, damage caused by using the fixture in an area it is not rated for, damage caused by negligence, lack of maintenance, attempts to repair by unqualified or unauthorized personnel, by using non-original accessories/parts.
  • A-Class Fire Rating
  • We manufacture based on approved spec sheets and submittals signed by professionals responsible. Change orders must be in writing and will delay delivery.
  • Picasso Lighting must receive in writing any thought to be defective products discovered, no later than 4 weeks from delivery to; [email protected]. Picasso Lighting will send a field technician to the site to evaluate the said defective product. We do accept field repair from licensed electrical contractors but not without a written agreement signed by Picasso Lighting official. Failure to adhere to all warranty and certifications will void any recompense and the warranty.



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WAT - Non-Lit Standard Spec Sheet DOWNLOAD
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