• Sound absorbing panels ranging between .45 and .90,NRC based on room size and location. Class A fire rating.
  • Direct, Indirect or Direct/Indirect light distribution
  • Two piece acoustic material over LED housing with integral driver
  • Continuous row mounting, standard
  • Can also be specified as surface ceiling or surface wall
  • Various patterns available - consult factory
  • Various colors, see chart below

Construction & Mounting

Sides are 1/2” x 6" thick acoustic sound reduction linear panels and are supplied in nominal lengths of 4 ft., 6 ft., 8 ft.. Side panels are secured with decorative thumb screws. Side panels do not need to be removed during installation or for maintenance. Fixtures may be continuously rowed (contact factory for details). Internal components are constructed from min. 20 gauge die-formed steel. Easy access to driver and LED boards. Custom sizes are available.
Integral powder-coated LED housings with excessive reflectivity for increased lumen output is built into our luminaires
Please use color chart below to select your acoustic sound reducing panels.
Direct component provided with a soft white acrylic lens formulated for LED light sources. Lens lifts out for maintenance. Indirect LED strips are mounted in an extruded aluminum channel with an integral clear acrylic dust cover.
Cable mounting with various size canopies and power feeds. If not selected in options, canopy color and cord will be white. Cable uses gripper style locking for field adjustments. Canopy mounts to standard J-box. Can also be stem mounted. See options for more information.

LED Performance

LED Output CCT Color Temp Watts Lumens Lumens per Watt CCT Multiplier
Low 3000 4.28 WPF Direct (3.4WPF Indirect) 350 LPF 82 2700=.95
Medium 3000 6.25 WPF Direct (4.8 WPF Indirect) 500 LPF 81 3000=1
High 3000 9.38 WPF Direct ( 7.3 WPF Indirect) 750 LPF 80 3500=1.01
Very High 3000 12.63 WPF Direct ( 9.7 WPF Indirect) 1000 LPF 80 4000/1.03
  • The table above is a quick reference. When calculating loads make sure you add direct and indirect LPW to get total wattage. Please refer to photometric report for detailed information.
  • Our light engines are precisely designed for optimal operation of LED assemblies.
  • Our standard LED's CCT (correlated color temperature) range is 2700K to 4000K. Other CCT values are available upon request.
  • We log LED bin codes for each project we supply to ensure color consistency and keep a record of those projects for future reference.
  • CRI offered is 80+, and 90+ Note: on 90+ CRI use .85 multiplier
  • Tunable white, warm dim and other special LED colors available.
  • We design our own printed circuit boards to ensure high luminescence efficiency, low thermal resistance and long-term reliable operation.
  • Light engines are easily replaced.
  • We use only recognized brand LED's with 3 SDCM (standard deviation color matching) with high color consistency. 2 SDCM available upon request.
  • LRP - “LED Reel Program” – LED’s for printed circuit boards come on reels’ like old 8mm projectors and they're sold in lots just like fabric. At Picasso Lighting, we have a program where we make sure all of your reels come from the same lot for each project. This ensures excellent color consistency in large open spaces.
  • LED life is rated at 50,000 hours
  • Custom Lumens Available

Electrical / Driver

  • Drivers - Our drivers are specifically selected based on fixture application to ensure ultimate reliability and long life. We use only UL recognized brands of LED drivers.
  • If required, we can supply premium drivers such as Lutron, Eldoled and others upon request. Advanced control systems compliant drivers such as POE,DALI, DMX, etc. are also available, please consult factory.
  • Rated life (90% survivorship) of 50,000 hours at 50º C max. ambient (and 70º C max. case) temperature. At maximum driver load: Efficiency >84%, PF>0.9, THD<20%.
  • POE - We are working with Igor POE systems to either add a node into our fixtures or remote them. Based on the fixture you select, we will notify you (or you can contact the factory) to see if we can install the node or the node needs to be remote. Just add POE1 in the spec and we will advise. Please keep in mind you need to specify a complete POE control system before specifying POE1.
  • Our LED drivers feature HPF (high power factor), universal voltage 110 - 277 VAC and include 0-10V dimming.
  • Emergency drivers are factory installed, long life, high temperature, recyclable Ni-Cad battery pack with test switch and charge indicator. EMR is minimum of 90 minutes operation to meet code.
  • Whip - Six feet long, wiring RHOS/Reach Compliant, 18 gauge, 600v rated, Supplied, wired to the fixture, unless otherwise noted.

Build Your Spec Sheet

Certifications & Warranties

  • Limited five-year (50,000 hours) warranty on all products.
  • I.C. rated fixtures are available upon request.
  • Chicago Plenum products are available upon request.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • UL and CUL listed for dry and damp locations.
  • DLC® is a non-profit organization whose mission is to drive efficient lighting by defining quality, facilitating thought leadership, and delivering tools and resources to the lighting market through open dialogue and collaboration. We are currently getting our products listed with DLC. Products listed, will have DLC Logo.
  • All fixtures are IBEW manufactured and assembled.



Catalog Number LED IES File PDF Report
Truss 350 Lumens Direct 80+ CRI 3000K DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
Truss 500 Lumens Direct 80+ CRI 3000K DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
Truss 750 Lumens Direct 80+ CRI 3000K DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
Truss 1000 Lumens Direct 80+ CRI 3000K DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD


Truss Acoustic Standard Spec Sheet DOWNLOAD
Truss Acoustic Custom Spec Sheet BUILD

Info Sheet

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